Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Terribly Terrific Twos

Well, if we do this right, you'll be seeing less of me.  Or, at least Nolan.  For those keeping track, we're down to every six month updates. Slowly weaning.

This isn't our best picture (poor lighting, stuck inside, two-year-oldness), but I can confidently say that he's still stealing our hearts. Nolan was unsure why the elephant had to keep interrupting his hockey time. So, you got a bit of everything.  For parents out there, two-year-olds are no joke. He's stubborn strong-willed, and we're learning what makes him tick, but so fun to hang out with.  He's very proud of his speaking skills, and I'm censoring myself more and more.  For instance, if Nolan wants something and I don't have it (crackers, donuts, and giant fish stuffed animals to name a few), Nolan looks at me with his serious face and says "go buy it."

Our evenings are spent watching this video (how can you deny the phrase "more fweeze pweese"?) and organizing toys.  He also enjoys swimming in our jet tub without the jets, climbing through tunnels, picking out his own books, and dumping snacks that he vehemently refuses to eat in his chair.

Gosh, some nights I'm an emotional mess when I think about the picture below.
I want the weekends to last longer, and for time to stop all together.  We've reached that point where I no longer enjoy spending time with him just because he's my baby, but I truly find him fun to hang out with. He's silly, spunky, full of attitude, and has this bizarre sense of humor (who am I kidding, it's just like his daddy).

I have many goals and worries as a parent, but for now, I think I'll just focus on how to make him sit long enough for a diaper change and how to make sure he's not tackling his friends (his approach when someone steals his toys).  We've finally broken the pacifier during the day (still using it during naps/nighttime), but we're no closer to potty training or knowing the difference between colors... not even remotely.

Anyway, let's go back to medical school life, as we're getting lots of questions about it.  It's fairly up in the air right now, but I think that's probably because we've been in semi the same location going on 2.5 years, which is a record for us in this medical journey. So, it does seem fitting to ask "what's next?"

His residency is 5 years, and we're just about half way done. This year isn't the most fun.  Third year residents get all holidays, so this year we've spent most holidays at home.  I'm okay with that, and it hasn't been that bad.  Nolan isn't the best traveler, and I'm becoming more of a homebody than I have been in the past (our fireplace and new instant pot is getting lots of use). 

Sometime this coming year, Scott will spend a month in DC and will begin interviews for Fellowship (remember this post?)  I shudder at thinking about all of that, but I'll be eager to go to our next step.  Fellowship will be 1-2 years, and then we'll be done.  14-15 years post high school is normal to start your career, right?  As for locations, moving, etc. my answer is yes.  Yes, I'm still wondering all of that too. We're still 2.5 years away, but I know things will start flying once we get through this summer.  My new's year motto (along with my annual list of far too many goals) is to live for now.  I'm not going to keep waiting until we're finished, waiting until we are in a different place financially, waiting for a free weekend to get XYZ done, waiitng for summer, etc.  Why not do it now? Time will never be perfectly aligned. So, live for now. So far, I've made 8 days of that motto, and I'm enjoying it. 

Scott is reminding me that no one needs to read sappy posts and is instead laughing hysterically at trailers for the Batman Lego movie, so I think that's my cue to get off the computer.  Have a good week! 

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Halloween Break

A quick break from our usual updates to give you our annual Halloween picture.  Because #BabyCressman seems to attract media attention, the Halloween photo was already "leaked" via the front page of our local newspaper that is delivered free to EVERY household.

Anyway, here's our little Dragon.  We still haven't mastered how to train him.

And, in keeping with tradition (see last year's blog post here), here is this year's Pumpkin TimeLapse.

Be safe out there! 
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

7 Quarters

Nolan is a week or so past 21 months.  21 months seems equivalent to turning... 28 or 29? There's nothing really significant. But, the post one-year photoshoots were documented every 3 months, so here you go.  I've stopped referring him as "months old" and give the blanket "almost 2." Everything about him screams toddler, so "almost 2" seems more appropriate.


Sidenote: See Scott's InstaGram for what taking pictures with Nolan is like. And, if you're wondering how he got so big, join me on Facebook as I scroll through his monthly picture album (though, I'm behind the screen all emotional and teary about my baby getting too big).

In the world of Nolan, everything is about trucks, trains, books, and balls.  If it doesn't fall into the four categories, it doesn't exist to him.  If you combine books and trains, you're in for a squealy, excited little guy who just can't fathom going to bed until it's read four times.  He also is very much into doing things on his own.

After picking up Nolan, we had to head to a rushed Meijer trip, before we went home and cooked dinner.  Well, we went by the milk aisle, and Nolan had a breakdown when he saw chocolate milk (sidenote: the pediatrician  got him on this when she was trying to get him to drink more milk). I, feeling bad about not seeing him all day and maybe he really was super thirsty, gave into him.  We go about our shopping for a few minutes while he drinks nicely.  I see that he's gulping it down and decide to help him lift the container as it gets lower.  Of course, he was mad because I tried helping him. So, he dramatically tugs back and it resulted in this.  Naturally, wipes were quickly added to the sticky shopping list.  And, if you're thinking I'm a nut, those are also opened goldfish next to him... because it was just that type of shopping trip.

In closing, I truly love this kid.  I would be completely fine with him staying this age forever.  I have probably said that about the last few stages, but it truly is so exciting watching him grow and learn.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Slightly Overdue

We officially have a 1.5 year old.  He's quite the little bundle of energy, and certainly keeps us on our toes. He's also perfecting terrible two's early... just so we're prepared.

This picture was awful to take and resulted in very little to work with.  He was in a great mood, but Nolan does not like sitting when other people are not sitting with him. And, the only time he laughed was when he got to throw the elephant off.  Did I mention we've crossed into toddler?

So, first a bit about Nolan:
He knows about 10-15 words.  He regularly uses: ball, airplane, dad, cat, stinky, hi, apple, quack, hot, more, and all done (notice mom is still not on that list!?!). He loves playing, climbing, and getting into stuff he shouldn't be. I'm at home now (hallelujah to summer!), and we spend ever morning exploring metro Detroit's toddler-encouraged locations.  He's just getting into splash pads and climbing gyms.  But, we both tend to get a little crazy if we're cooped up for too long.  He's still eating well, but getting pickier.  He still loves bananas, grapes, chicken, mac & cheese, and fruit snacks (he would eat fruit snacks all day if I wasn't such a mean mommy).

And, for the rest of the family:
Selena? Nothing new... except, let me emphasize once again, I love summer.
Scott? Well, he's officially a 3rd year resident (out of 5).   It's a bit of the same as Year 2, except Year 3 is notoriously the worst for scheduling.  So far, we've learned that we have zero holidays (well, we have 4th of July off and Labor Day). But, every other holiday will be spent at the hospital during the day or night.  This year, he'll start figuring out what he wants to sub-specialize in (chest, abdomen, brain, mammography, body, etc.).  So, to recap, 10/14 (or 15) years of preparing to be a doctor are complete (post high-school).
And the older brothers? They just celebrated their 5th birthday.

Until 1.75, here's to another great few months.  We are thoroughly enjoying our little guy, so I'm sure you'll continue seeing thousands of pictures.  I'm definitely one of those moms. But, someday, despite his baby book still not being complete, he'll have documentation of everything else.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

1.25 Update

... Fooled you.  You thought you we were done with our month-by-month updates, but we couldn't resist going quarterly.

This big guy is quite the ham.  He's definitely on-the-go, all boy, and is quite the sponge.  Lately, we have noticed how much better he is at communicating and responding to commands.  Most noticeably, he created his own sign for water and brings me my shoes (and his own) when he wants to go outside.  With that, he also has learned how to throw a giant fit, complete with rolling around on the floor and stopping to see if anyone is looking at him.  He's definitely a toddler.

He also loves hats.

He's obsessed with balls and balloons.  Easy, cheap entertainment.  We also tried bubbles for the first time, but he thought dipping the wand was just as exciting as the bubbles (just as exciting as dipping ketchup, ranch, salsa, etc.).

In other news, we are eager for warm weather.  Nolan hates when he can't play outside.  Yesterday, it started to rain while we were outside.  That didn't deter him from going into the garage, maneuvering his way around to his tricycle and pulling it out to us.  He then pointed at it until we took him for a ride.  We have about 9 weeks left until summer.  Almost there!

These last few weeks are going to be tough though.  Scott is starting call again (weekends, nights, etc.), and end of the year in schools is always busy.  Never mind the 8 no-shows in conferences I have to reschedule.

Other than that, I think everything is basically the same. I need to go back to working on my spring-break goals: cleaning my house.  So far, we've successfully avoided cleaning by going to two different zoos. Nolan is going to have quite the reality check when work starts back up again.  He's been spoiled a bit too much.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Where has this year gone?  As I sit here writing (with a sleeping baby on my lap), I can't help but be filled with emotions. I'll try to keep the melodrama to a minimum, but I'm going to sincerely miss some of my favorite baby moments that I know will disappear far too quickly as he becomes more mobile, more sassy, and more independent. At the same time, I'm looking forward to entering my favorite stage in child development.  I can see him starting to process the world at a new, deeper level.

First, his conclusion to our monthly photos. I can't say I'm going to really miss the photo sessions. Our cats might not miss it either.

We had a fun celebratory birthday party with family and friends after Nolan's dedication at church.  It was fun to open our house to a big crowd and all celebrate Nolan's first year.  Here are a few pictures that somewhat capture our fun day. In Nolan's true "I love food" fashion, he picked up the cake whole and dug in without wasting a second.

After a quick bath, he enjoyed opening gifts, getting some additional family cuddles, and tiring out for a nap to finish off the party. Mom may have joined him.

As for developmental gains, we do not have a walker by a year, but he certainly impresses us daily. He giggles easily, is ticklish everywhere, and loves to be silly. He can stand up on his own, enjoys pushing anything that he can make move (high chairs, regular chairs, strollers, walkers, etc.) and could spend all day chasing after the cats.  He gives kisses, occasionally bites, and loves to give hugs. He will share everything with you and expects any food to be shared with him.   I'm proud we made it through a year of nursing, he is transitioning to solid foods without a hitch, he has such an easy-going personality, and we've learned that sleep isn't actually necessary. Overall, he has taken over our house... and we wouldn't have it any other way.   To Nolan's new friends' parents (especially one that is due any day now and a new cousin on the way!), I know every single person with kids tells you how fast it goes, and they're right. Enjoy every moment.

From the Cressman Clan, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a great start to 2016!

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Doing these monthly posts can be exhausting.  I don't mind keeping the blog up to date, but I think our little stinker is done with the elephant poses.

This month was the hardest to date.  To start, he was especially sick.  If you didn't notice, we're a week late in the post.  Nolan came down with what we think is Roseola a week ago.  Scott and I each had to take a day off of work (which was difficult in itself), and we had a sick baby over the holidays.  I'll get to that in a second, but the picture taking process was plenty difficult.  The first take on the actual 11 month day was miserable.  We probably have 20 takes of him screaming in different positions while we tried to act as silly as possible.  Today's shoot went much better.  It's his first full day of having an appetite, being silly with us, etc. He was smiling/laughing with us and grinning ear to ear when he saw the cats.  The down side is that he can now move.  So he wanted to be silly on top of us, grab the cat, or crawl behind the blanket backdrop... sitting still is no longer one of our strengths.

However, a few batches of shots later, we have this cutie.

He now has a little more hair, has kept those baby blue eyes, and is slimming down quite a bit.  Now that he's healthy again, he's on the go a lot.  He can climb up and down stairs, up and down couches, and down from our bed.  On days like today, his 5:30am wake-up call was a bit too early for mom and dad... so while he played in our bed, we tried to get a few more minutes of sleep.  To keep things brief, I woke up to find that Nolan had managed to get down from our bed safely and was traveling downstairs.  He clearly was ready to play and start the day.  And, he successfully found his quiet, alone place to poop (he's very particular about this). 

The holidays were nice, despite some last minute changes.  Nolan got to see his cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great grandma. Even though he was plenty irritable, he was a trooper.  He even celebrated his first birthday a little early on one side of the family. 

Nolan doesn't mind getting a bit messy.

This sickness has also brought on little fits (which I think are here to stay) and his new communication tool: yelling at us.  Rather than crying when he's awake and wants us, he now just does this little "yell" to get our attention.

We're not ready to go back to work.  While we always have been thankful for the love that surrounds us, this year has been especially noteworthy.  This peanut has made us feel even more grateful to our families, friends, and those that influence us. To Scott's side of the family, thank you for the adding Nolan's birthday to the Thanksgiving mix.  We enjoyed it and love his new toys and clothes.  To Selena's side, thank you for making last minute schedule changes due to Scott getting called in to work.  While we are thankful we have a job and are always grateful to those who have to work on the holidays, we know it caused a lot of  last-minute stress.  We were sad that we didn't get to see everyone, but we look forward to catching up in a few weeks.

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