Sunday, February 16, 2020

9 months out

Our sweet Isaac is 9 months today! He's been spending this month battling our first sickness, but I feel like 'tis the season.  Our Wisconsin winter got a slow start but ultimately seems to be here to stay.  Our 5-ft snowman is still going strong, adding more and more snow each week. Isaac went from some stomach bug to some nasty sinus stuff. It seems to be never ending, with his voice a little hoarse today and his eyes a bit goopy... but he smiles through it all.  You can tell it hurts a bit to eat, and he doesn't feel all that great, but that won't stop him from clapping along to excitement, scooting his way to his brother, or giggling at Peekaboo.

I just adore that firey alfalfa-like hair and big grin. He's very vocal.  He has to contribute to every conversation with his "Bababa" or "Dadada."  He can definitely sign 'more', and sometimes we wonder if the "Dadas" are really for Dad. They're usually pretty timely. If he's not talking excitedly, he can be found singing/grunting/whining his way to sleep. 

He learned to be mobile this month, too.  I wouldn't call it crawling, but he's an effective inchworm.  He's pretty swift at moving around until he can steal someone's snack, Nolan's iPad, and/or help Nolan 'construct' whatever it is that Nolan is building. I suppose it should be mentioned that he's equally skilled at stealing ice cream and treats as they pass over his head. Spoon and all. 

Feel better soon, buddy! As much as we'd like you to get back to sleeping semi-decently, we know you'd appreciate the same. <3 

Monday, January 27, 2020

Winter Blues

I'm fairly late on this post.  If it makes a difference, sickness seems to have gone through the household.  I'm currently awaiting meds to be ready at the pharmacy for a sinus infection. I'm ready for some sunshine and warmth.

Our sweet little (well, not so little) Isaac is 8 (and a half) months! He's such a smiley, calm baby. We seem to have beat the worst of the reflux, though his preference is always cuddles to get through the night time.  I think back to his first few weeks and how he always needed my hand as we drove, and not much has changed.  He just loves physical touch.  He adores grabbing at Dad's beard, mom's face or necklace, and cuddling up in a little ball. He's all smiles during the day. We have quite the collection of sweet smiles from this little guy, so we picked a photo that showed off his little personality.

He can rock back and forth on his knees, but mostly he's still stationary. He can scoot backwards, but he's not aware that he's doing it, and it generally makes him frustrated that he's further away from what he was trying to get to.  That big ol' belly is just so heavy! He loves his kitties and his big brother. 

This month was also spent pushing 6 (!) teeth through.  2 came up through the bottom fairly quickly, and then 4 all at the same time on the top.  The canines pushed through on top first, which was a little odd, but all four are there now. He's been a drool-y little trooper through it all! 

In other news, Nolan's hockey pictures came back and I figured I'd share some cute ones. 

For all of you hockey fans/players, don't worry... we have since gotten him a longer stick. 😄

We also took a short mini-staycation before the sickness hit.  As always, Daddy did a good job documenting our adventures and summing them up in a short one-minute video. It's been fun to watch Nolan grow into a little water-loving fish, with Isaac following close behind. He loves the slides, and officially passed his recent swim level. He can now officially float on his back and front, swim underwater, and is starting to to take a few strokes above water.  He's getting too big!

Can you believe it's almost February!? Stay healthy!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas!

What an exciting month!

Nolan turns the big 5 tomorrow. Scott and I were talking, and we said that five just seems so big. He's now school-aged. Where did the time go!? We both got quite emotional as we looked back on videos, went through his monthly pictures, and talked about ways he has changed and stayed the same over time. 

The eyes stayed the same piercing gray, while the hair has turned darker and chins have disappeared. He thoroughly enjoys building through legos or constructing projects out of tape and random things around our house. He is easily amused, has big emotions, and needs things to work out the way he plans them in his head. We enjoy his spirit, attention to detail, and constant drive to get answers.  He still plays hockey, though these late nights/busy holiday season had him lying in the net most of last practice. I feel ya, bud.   He also is making big leaps in swimming! He enjoys swimming underwater and jumping in unassisted.  It has taken a while to get here, as he is a kid that does not take our word for his limits. 

He adores his little brother, but I think his little brother adores him exponentially more. While Nolan is at school, Isaac talks to his pictures on the wall, pictures on the computer, and eagerly awaits for him to come in to the car at pickup (he lets out a big coo every time Nolan enters). 

As Nolan turns five and Isaac is clearly on the upswing to one, I just want to formally request for time to slow down so we can savor these cheeks a little more and enjoy them being little. Isaac just got two teeth, and is thoroughly loving this big-kid life in the high chair (he'll scream at you if you even think about taking away his food before he is finished).  He fights sleep, and has a serious fear of missing out on something. He has mastered sitting independently, and gets so angry when Nolan finds the sweet spot of being just out of reach.  

I dread the constant running around/tasks of this month, but am looking forward to unplugging, unwinding, and just spending time together as a family during break.

So, if you've made it this far, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 


Sunday, November 17, 2019

"Halfway to a number." - Nolan

This little guy is 6 months old. How is that even possible? It's also crazy to think that just 6 months ago, we were packing up all of our belongings, stressed out of our mind, preparing to be parents of two, and moving out of state.  Time is flying.

Isaac is taking on quite the personality. He's reserved and so, so sweet. He loves attention, and he has smiles ready for anyone ready to play with him. He has a low-pitched little voice and, as every passerby mentions to me, the reddest hair and eyebrows. :)

As an update to last blog, we are still not sleeping well, but in the process of sleep training again. I don't think it can get worse, so hopefully we see the light darkness soon!

In other news, we are officially van-drivers. Having room in your car for things and kids is like a whole new experience. Though, I'll miss enjoying my success at puzzle-tetris packing. But, I look forward to having the capabilities to bring along family/friends on little trips in the future.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing some family, and we are eagerly awaiting the Christmas season. Plus, next month we'll be prepping to have a 5 year old! How is he already almost 5?!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sleep Deprivation is Real!

4 months was tough. Isaac has never been a great sleeper, so I went into 4 months trying to mentally prepare for the dreaded 4 month sleep regression that EVERY baby book references. I was ready. We got through the first half okay. He woke up much more often, but would go back to sleep fine. I thought we were through it and then he changed.  Isaac is truly the sweetest little snugglemonster throughout the day. He naps well. He doesn't have your traditional 'witching hour.'

Seriously, look how snuggly he is! 

... Until he goes to sleep. The minute he's on his back, he is up every 5 minutes. And, his cry is not his typical cry. It's blood-curdling and inconsolable. Last week, I had finally had enough. I went to the doctors and, through tears, explained that something was wrong.  We ruled out an ear infection, and started reflux medicine.  We've had a couple of decent nights since starting, so I'm very hopeful.

But, boy, what a week. 

I work from home now and Isaac and I have to sprint out the door to pick up Nolan on time. On Tuesday, we went to do just that. We got in the car, and my hands were too full of all of our essentials to open the garage right inside the door.  We got in the car, buckled in, and I opened up the garage door. I backed up and BOOM! I looked behind me, and my entire windshield was shattered.  I got out of car, frantically checked on Isaac (he was happily cooing away), and I saw that the garage door had fallen back on my car.  For some back story, our garage hand held openers have always been wonky, so they often need pressed 5 times before they work.. and I'm guessing (though cannot remember clearly) that I pushed it once, it wouldn't work, and then I pushed it again... but it had a delay start from the first one so started coming back down. To make matters worse, the garage door wouldn't open and I was stuck inside the garage with a non-drive-able car.  Scott was at work, Nolan had to go to after-school care (and have his evening activities cancelled), and I got to spend the evening checking out reviews of local car shops, working out my insurance, and finding a rental.  Thankfully, and more importantly, we are all okay. And the garage door came out okay.

I can laugh about it now, and looking back, it was just the icing on the cake for a really tired, exhausting week.  I certainly wasn't laughing on Tuesday, and am very confident an additional nap is is written on my to-do list for Sunday. So, pro tip, you really can't function on 3 hours of sleep for a solid week. Though, in retrospect, I don't think sleep would have changed the fact that I really need to ONLY use the garage door opener that is bolted to the wall. Also, in retrospect, I should have taken pictures of my car to showcase here in my digital baby book for Isaac.

In other news, this guy has finally adjusted to the move, starting a new school, and being a big brother.

It wasn't the easiest of transitions for him, but he's back to his fun self. We had parent-teacher conferences last week, and I was happy to hear he was doing great and strong in his people skills and academics. For my former students, I hope I did a decent job highlighting your strengths at parent-teacher conferences. As a parent, one of my favorite things is to hear other people notice the things I love most about my kid. <3 

Happy fall! We've been enjoying the leaves, and this picture makes me giggle.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Cuatro Mesas

How are these sweet cheeks already over 4 months old?

On one hand, I'm really proud that I've kept up on these pictures, but on the other hand, as I've looked back at the dates on the pictures and when they're created, a whopping zero have been completed on time. 

This little guy is so, so sweet. My family and I were talking about the differences between Isaac and Nolan, and the biggest thing that comes to mind is just how cuddly this little boy is. He wants to snuggle constantly.  He doesn't sleep well, but we're trying really hard.  I'm telling you mamas, safe sleep posts make me so paranoid at this age. We practice, but this little boy wants his face covered, someone touching him always, and rolled in a little ball. Now that he rolls, he would also prefer to be on his tummy with his face covered. But, despite all of these habits of his, his preference is to sleep cuddled up during the day, not at night time.
This picture is a bit blurry, but he is so proud to be getting bigger.  He thinks he's hot stuff when he sits/stands/grabs something.

He's getting a bit better in car rides. He is much better when his brother is beside him. He also would prefer that I hold his hand while we drive.  It's about 51% adorable, but 49% annoying.

Nolan, on the other hand, is happy that school is back in session. He's struggling here, but I think he just really misses his friends. Below is a picture of Nolan and his friend "thinking about each other."  Those thought bubbles just break my heart.  He's always been a pretty resilient kid, so it has been difficult for us as parents to watch him navigate these emotions.
My biggest worry is that his confident, entertaining, and infectious personality will go away as he doesn't have the same friends to reassure him of his "coolness."  However, I see hints of it coming back through. For instance, he's now at a uniform school, and he has found a little hole in the policy that will allow him to accessorize while staying uniform compliant.  I had to clench my teeth as I watched him rip all of his sock pairings apart in his drawer, but I couldn't say much when I saw how proud he was. Not my style, kid, but more power to you. I guess I'll save myself some time on laundry days.

Mommy and daddy are hard at work. Dad keeps busy in the hospital world, and mom started a new job as an online 4th grade teacher (avoided changing licenses!).  It makes for a busy year, but I have the best little buddy to keep me company at home. I think that's all I have for this month! It's time to start planning Halloween costumes with a family of 4! Eeks! 

Lots of love,

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Where did those 3 months of summer go?

I've never understood parents that are so eager for their kids to go back to school. I mean, as a working mom, I feel like the weekdays go by too quickly and I only get to spend a short time with my kid. But, before you roll your eyes, I now get it. I am not ready for those few evening hours, or the busy schedules, but I am 100% ready for routine and structure. I appreciate the consistency of bed times, and will not miss planning our weeks with activities, but instead go to routine hobbies on specific days of the week. 

In other news, this little chunky monkey turned 3 months. It was the first day of school when I found out I was pregnant last year.  As any teacher knows, this day is probably not the best day to figure out something... but it explained why my typically back-to-school jitters were feeling a bit queasier.  Being pregnant is a hard secret to keep, but it's crazy all that happens in a short year.  Anyway, I'm unsure of his stats, but he fills out his clothes nicely.  Mom had some training, so he experienced a few long days with dad and bottles for the first time. He did great, as food seems to be his favorite thing no matter where it comes from. I'm eager to start feeding him solids, though he seems like he'll be a kid to put everything in his mouth. He's drooling like crazy! 

Nolan, on the other hand, got to spend his first time away from us. It was scary and nerve-wracking for mom, but he did a great job at Grandma and Grandpa's. I'm sure the constant attention and spoiling made the time away easier. Scott and I also got to spend some time riding around on the property. It brought me back to the days of riding around with my high school friends and tackling through some overgrown paths. For old time sake, I had my dad take me for a ride in the backhoe. As a kid, we called this the carnival ride.

Here's a sweet picture of my two favorite little guys. Which reminds me, I need to print some photos and make Isaac look like he exists on the walls in our house.

As a conclusion, do any of you watch "The Goldbergs"? If you don't and are the family type, I'd recommend it. Scott and I certainly relate to the characters, and I find myself comparing to crazy Beverly (the mom) quite often! We've been spending our post-bedtime hour laughing at this crazy family.