Our Family

Meet Scott: Scott is a first year resident. In other words, he's officially a "doctor," but still is overlooked by a supervising attending. It also equates to little pay, crappy hours, and hopefully some valuable learning experiences.  While that occupies most of his time, he does dabble in photography and videography. Okay, maybe a litttle more than dabble... but you'll see his artwork periodically.

Meet Selena:  Selena is enjoying a new change as she begins her fourth year of teaching as a middle school math teacher. She also enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, becoming overly committed, and her new found passion: blogging. She also is determined to start scrapbooking soon [edit: I think she's decided to scratch scrapbook off her list... she just can't see it happening]. 

And, of course, our new little family.  These are our twins, Orie and Floyd.  Aren't they adorable!?  I'm sure you can't imagine these boys being anything less than cute, but they're little monsters [Edit: They are still adorably cute little monsters... but now they are a lot less kitten like and fat. Yep, fat. Orie in particular.]