Sunday, November 17, 2013


I know, I know... I've been MIA lately.  Action definitely describes it. I've spent many, many late school nights at school getting the year up and running, working my once-a-week second job, and trying to figure out this whole year of med school.

...And what a year it is.  We're quickly approaching the heavy interview season.  Let me describe how this works.  Scott has applied to many programs.  With his desired career choice, he applied for two programs. The first is considered a transitional year.  For the first year of residency, he'll be gaining experience in all different types of general medicine before going on to more specialized training in later years.  Some places offer training with residency and transitional year combined, but most want you trained somewhere in your first year before going into the program.  We're eagerly awaiting both, as we'll be finished taking out loans and finally starting to feel as though we're both in careers.

He will be interviewing at more than 15 locations.  Now, some med students map looks crazier than ours... that's for sure.  We like our families, so we want to stay relatively close.  Therefore, we only sent out applications to those states in the Midwest.  Despite having a close-to-home map, imagine traveling all over these states in one month.  One long month of food on the go and sifting through many albums on the iPod... all to get dressed up in a fancy suit and have your next years of your life in the hands of interviewers.  Eeks.

Here's his destinations.... we got all the way to Destination Y on Google Maps.  We could add "Z" and another 325 miles when you factor in our annual trip to Canada for New Years.

Yep, that's a whopping 6,344 miles and 97 hours in the car (please let the weather stay nice and our cars stay working).  Because Google Maps was getting angry at me, I didn't factor in any special trips back home to see the lonely wife and cats.

So, busy months ahead.  The good news? You'll probably get some blog articles while I'm home.  At least, that's the hope. What do these interviews amount to? Match day! I'll explain more on that once Scott and I get over the fact that we're adding that many miles in the snow to our vehicles.

As for the wife? I have school until 9pm the next week as I meet with all my parents for conferences.  Then, it's Thanksgiving break. :)

Lots of love,


Monday, July 29, 2013

Step 2 [in progress]

Good Morning!
I have yet to succeed at Scott & Selena Sundays (see last blog post), but I'm close. Today was more appropriate.

Scott is off and started in his Step 2 exam.  While we got there approximately 45 minutes early, he officially started 10 minutes ago (at least, according to the paper).  Meanwhile, I'm at the mall to waste 9 hours.  I know, what husband would send their wife to the mall for nine hours?! I think it's just his way of making up for all the studying time in our home the last few weeks.  :)  I'll get to the Step 2 exam in a moment, but first, my current situation:

In preparation for the day, I charged up my laptop so that I could work on my job at Barnes & Noble for a while on my laptop. However, I plugged my laptop in the outlet that is also for the lamp at home...meaning it is controlled by a switch, which was turned off because it was night time. So, I get here to a completely dead laptop.  Thus, I got out of my comfy chair and set out to look for a place with a plug.  Of course, Barnes & Noble strategically place their plugs so that they are behind a bookshelf, or in front of a teller so that they can "monitor your usage.".  Ugh. So, for those that know me well, I'm sure you can picture this... I'm currently crouched in a corner on the floor mooching both the internet and the electricity from a plug that has just enough room for the connection.  Thankfully, it's upstairs and in a corner of a weird book section, so maybe I'll go unnoticed.

Anyway, here's a bit about Scott's exam.  It is scheduled for 9.5 hours.  I drive him to these tests so that he doesn't have that stress, but they make you leave your phone in the car (which he did before he could see my nice reminder about relaxing)... so I'm just going to assume it will take him 9 hours to finish.  During that nine hours, you have to strategically plan to take short breaks for food and bathroom. But, you also don't want to take too long on breaks so that you have time to review your answers before submission.

There's so many factors that go into prepping of the test... not to mention the grueling 16 hour study days for the last month and a half (no joke).  First, the packed food. You can have a tiny locker for snacks.  So, we covered some basic food groups with the list: pbj sandwich, cheez-it's, granola bars, banana, peanut butter M&M's (necessary), coke, gatorade, water, and a nice surprise note from me.The morning is killer, too.  So many decisions... like what to wear.  Seriously, Scott analyzed every article of clothing to make sure it was the most comfortable.  Then, there's the morning routine.  You basically stress yourself out making sure that your bodily functions are working okay so much that you cause said bodily functions to start acting weird...causing panic (Scott's family... I'm sure you're getting a laugh here). Needless to say, it was a stressful morning.  But, he's in, surely doing amazing, but analyzing every question with second guesses.

Send lots of prayers and thoughts for Scott today.  We'll leave for Chicago tomorrow for yet another test on Wednesday. This one is much lighter and said to be easier, but it's yet another hoop.  Friday is "us" time before he leaves for Cincinnati, so I'm patiently and eagerly awaiting that date night.  

Orie & Floyd are sad to see study time go away for a bit.  I have no idea what they'll do without Scott for a month. The boys have been in heaven, as this has been a month of lots of cuddle time while he sits at his desk.  They have quite the routine.

I heard the comment box works down there, so feel free to give it a try. ;)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

If it ain't the cat's MEOW!

Believe it or not, that is an expression of disbelief.  Not sure of the origin, but it seems appropriate for this post.

To be honest, I'm almost embarrassed to be back here. It has been over a year.  In that time, I've moved to a new (but familiar) city, started and finished my second year of teaching fifth grade, been through two summers, traveled to the west coast for the first time (!), and have probably juggled life's big mysteries several times.  Okay, maybe not the last one... but we've been trying to map out our futures. Sorry, family, this isn't a post with a baby announcement.

I'd say the biggest announcement is that we've tackled third year medical school.
In short,

  • Schedule varies so much that while some months seem unbelievable, the lighter rotations are so welcomed
    • Leading to more "us" time
  • Had a relaxing spring break
  • Clearer future ahead
  • Step 1 is over! 
  • Better stories
  • Step 2 is looming
  • Residency is drawing close, so every step/misstep is a big deal
  • Residency choices attract more stress
  • Away rotations are coming up!
I've kept busy as well.  Last year, I tackled multiple jobs at once keeping me busy, but I'm ready to relax a bit.  I seem too young to say that, but I welcomed the opportunity to work from home most of this summer.  I feel like I can finally clean up and cook some decent meals. 

Here's an update on our boys.  Orie Porie is still...well... Orie, and the Floydster has quite the personality.  I recently bought them a new toy, and Floyd is downright aggressive, but Orie has trouble knowing how to play or gracefully snag the toy (he spends more time dancing in circles). 

 This is pretty lame and lacks detail for the first post back, but I hope to update more regularly and regain my four followers! Blog posts/Facebook tells me to update you of all my goals to keep myself accountable.  I'm going to shoot for one a week.  So, now it's up to you to hold me accountable.  Maybe we should start Scott & Selena Sundays.  Post Secret had some luck with their Sunday-only blog posts.
 Thoughts? (Disclaimer: Great start - it's Saturday.. but I'll be out of town tomorrow... ).

Happy early Birthday to my Mother in Law & and Happy late Birthday to my niece... and Happy early/belated Birthday to everyone else since I missed it over this past year.

I would love to hear from all of you,