Friday, September 20, 2019

Cuatro Mesas

How are these sweet cheeks already over 4 months old?

On one hand, I'm really proud that I've kept up on these pictures, but on the other hand, as I've looked back at the dates on the pictures and when they're created, a whopping zero have been completed on time. 

This little guy is so, so sweet. My family and I were talking about the differences between Isaac and Nolan, and the biggest thing that comes to mind is just how cuddly this little boy is. He wants to snuggle constantly.  He doesn't sleep well, but we're trying really hard.  I'm telling you mamas, safe sleep posts make me so paranoid at this age. We practice, but this little boy wants his face covered, someone touching him always, and rolled in a little ball. Now that he rolls, he would also prefer to be on his tummy with his face covered. But, despite all of these habits of his, his preference is to sleep cuddled up during the day, not at night time.
This picture is a bit blurry, but he is so proud to be getting bigger.  He thinks he's hot stuff when he sits/stands/grabs something.

He's getting a bit better in car rides. He is much better when his brother is beside him. He also would prefer that I hold his hand while we drive.  It's about 51% adorable, but 49% annoying.

Nolan, on the other hand, is happy that school is back in session. He's struggling here, but I think he just really misses his friends. Below is a picture of Nolan and his friend "thinking about each other."  Those thought bubbles just break my heart.  He's always been a pretty resilient kid, so it has been difficult for us as parents to watch him navigate these emotions.
My biggest worry is that his confident, entertaining, and infectious personality will go away as he doesn't have the same friends to reassure him of his "coolness."  However, I see hints of it coming back through. For instance, he's now at a uniform school, and he has found a little hole in the policy that will allow him to accessorize while staying uniform compliant.  I had to clench my teeth as I watched him rip all of his sock pairings apart in his drawer, but I couldn't say much when I saw how proud he was. Not my style, kid, but more power to you. I guess I'll save myself some time on laundry days.

Mommy and daddy are hard at work. Dad keeps busy in the hospital world, and mom started a new job as an online 4th grade teacher (avoided changing licenses!).  It makes for a busy year, but I have the best little buddy to keep me company at home. I think that's all I have for this month! It's time to start planning Halloween costumes with a family of 4! Eeks! 

Lots of love,