Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Where has this year gone?  As I sit here writing (with a sleeping baby on my lap), I can't help but be filled with emotions. I'll try to keep the melodrama to a minimum, but I'm going to sincerely miss some of my favorite baby moments that I know will disappear far too quickly as he becomes more mobile, more sassy, and more independent. At the same time, I'm looking forward to entering my favorite stage in child development.  I can see him starting to process the world at a new, deeper level.

First, his conclusion to our monthly photos. I can't say I'm going to really miss the photo sessions. Our cats might not miss it either.

We had a fun celebratory birthday party with family and friends after Nolan's dedication at church.  It was fun to open our house to a big crowd and all celebrate Nolan's first year.  Here are a few pictures that somewhat capture our fun day. In Nolan's true "I love food" fashion, he picked up the cake whole and dug in without wasting a second.

After a quick bath, he enjoyed opening gifts, getting some additional family cuddles, and tiring out for a nap to finish off the party. Mom may have joined him.

As for developmental gains, we do not have a walker by a year, but he certainly impresses us daily. He giggles easily, is ticklish everywhere, and loves to be silly. He can stand up on his own, enjoys pushing anything that he can make move (high chairs, regular chairs, strollers, walkers, etc.) and could spend all day chasing after the cats.  He gives kisses, occasionally bites, and loves to give hugs. He will share everything with you and expects any food to be shared with him.   I'm proud we made it through a year of nursing, he is transitioning to solid foods without a hitch, he has such an easy-going personality, and we've learned that sleep isn't actually necessary. Overall, he has taken over our house... and we wouldn't have it any other way.   To Nolan's new friends' parents (especially one that is due any day now and a new cousin on the way!), I know every single person with kids tells you how fast it goes, and they're right. Enjoy every moment.

From the Cressman Clan, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a great start to 2016!

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Doing these monthly posts can be exhausting.  I don't mind keeping the blog up to date, but I think our little stinker is done with the elephant poses.

This month was the hardest to date.  To start, he was especially sick.  If you didn't notice, we're a week late in the post.  Nolan came down with what we think is Roseola a week ago.  Scott and I each had to take a day off of work (which was difficult in itself), and we had a sick baby over the holidays.  I'll get to that in a second, but the picture taking process was plenty difficult.  The first take on the actual 11 month day was miserable.  We probably have 20 takes of him screaming in different positions while we tried to act as silly as possible.  Today's shoot went much better.  It's his first full day of having an appetite, being silly with us, etc. He was smiling/laughing with us and grinning ear to ear when he saw the cats.  The down side is that he can now move.  So he wanted to be silly on top of us, grab the cat, or crawl behind the blanket backdrop... sitting still is no longer one of our strengths.

However, a few batches of shots later, we have this cutie.

He now has a little more hair, has kept those baby blue eyes, and is slimming down quite a bit.  Now that he's healthy again, he's on the go a lot.  He can climb up and down stairs, up and down couches, and down from our bed.  On days like today, his 5:30am wake-up call was a bit too early for mom and dad... so while he played in our bed, we tried to get a few more minutes of sleep.  To keep things brief, I woke up to find that Nolan had managed to get down from our bed safely and was traveling downstairs.  He clearly was ready to play and start the day.  And, he successfully found his quiet, alone place to poop (he's very particular about this). 

The holidays were nice, despite some last minute changes.  Nolan got to see his cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great grandma. Even though he was plenty irritable, he was a trooper.  He even celebrated his first birthday a little early on one side of the family. 

Nolan doesn't mind getting a bit messy.

This sickness has also brought on little fits (which I think are here to stay) and his new communication tool: yelling at us.  Rather than crying when he's awake and wants us, he now just does this little "yell" to get our attention.

We're not ready to go back to work.  While we always have been thankful for the love that surrounds us, this year has been especially noteworthy.  This peanut has made us feel even more grateful to our families, friends, and those that influence us. To Scott's side of the family, thank you for the adding Nolan's birthday to the Thanksgiving mix.  We enjoyed it and love his new toys and clothes.  To Selena's side, thank you for making last minute schedule changes due to Scott getting called in to work.  While we are thankful we have a job and are always grateful to those who have to work on the holidays, we know it caused a lot of  last-minute stress.  We were sad that we didn't get to see everyone, but we look forward to catching up in a few weeks.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Halloween

When did we get a 10 month old?  I mean, obviously it's a natural progression from the last post, but I just feel like we're losing our baby.

This picture was the first that was truly miserable to capture.  He's adorable as usual, but he wanted nothing to do with sitting.  He wanted to watch the leaves, crawl to us, grab the kitties instead of look at them, and anything else that was not sitting with the elephant.  I have a feeling 11 and 12 will be the same.  But, we've almost made the whole year.

This month has been the month of personality.  He's hilarious, silly, and eager to please.  Then again, if he doesn't know you, he's very suspicious.  He loves his cats, standing, and is quickly learning cause and effect.  The teacher side of me is so fascinated at the new stuff every day, but I'm definitely becoming one of those emotional moms.  I've seen some of those emotional moments on dad's end, too.  My favorite moments currently include him being proud of himself (it's very cute!) and him learning to play independently or with the cats.  They're his little buddies. I don't think they've quite established the "best friend" level, but they tolerate him. I also find it a tiny bit cute when he's sad after we tell him "no". Those little pouty lips.

For kicks, here's a recap for those of you who haven't seen this on facebook (and now it's flipped the right way!)

All in all, I'm looking forward to the next few months.  We're going to lose our crawler, wobble into a toddler, and he's going to continue interacting with the world.  But, as we head into these involved months, I'm also eager to have a few vacations, celebrate a college roommate becoming a mommy, and go back home to see family. I truly enjoy the end of the year and all the holidays.  We're going to ignore the fact that it also becomes winter.

Before I sign off, here's a little Halloween treat.
Meet Bert, Ernie, and the little Rubber Ducky.

And here's a timelapse of our pumpkin carving experience, complete with cats, babies, and Sesame Street music!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

9 Months in & 9 Months Out!

For some reason, this has been an emotional month for me.  I imagine it's all the developmental leaps Nolan has been going through, but he just seems so much less baby-like.  He's so mobile, responsive, independent, eager to communicate, ... I could go on and on.

Everything hasn't been roses.  We're starting to have to discipline the little cutie.  We're learning that he's pretty persistent.  If he wants it and we tell him no, he'll just find an alternate route.  Or, our new favorite, he'll grunt back at us. It probably doesn't help that we named him "No"lan.  Scott and I are already trying to hold back the smiles when he laughs in response to "No."  I know, I know.... I imagine it's 1,000 times worse when he begins to reason with us.

In a follow-up to a previous post, I'm happy with our choice to do Baby Led Weaning. While there were certainly some concerns and hesitation to the method, Nolan loves to eat (couldn't guess that, could you?).  He's eager to try new foods, new textures, and be involved with dinner. On the flip side, Scott and I are trying to put forth a better effort to give him healthy meals. He's great with veggies, fruits, meats, and of course, noodles!  He's also eating off the "big kid" menu at school, and his teachers have been impressed.

All the things we couldn't wait for seem to be in the present.  I can't tell you how much we love watching him learn, play, and make connections. It's so precious and goes by too fast.

In other news, I think I'm going to let Nolan skip being a middle schooler.  Or, at least, maybe I'll go down a few grades while he goes through that stage.  They're such tough, moody things. This year, "cliques" are in full force. But, like every year, I'm enjoying teaching my students that the # symbol is not a hashtag when talking about numbers, and flooring them with subtraction problems leading to a negative number (What!?). But with that comes the harsh reality that maps are no longer necessary to students, handwriting is at an all-time low, and much of our education system is still stressing out about teacher deadlines (testing windows), and money.  I don't have a magic answer to our problems, but what we have isn't any better than what we had.  But, I'll get off my soap box for now.

Nolan, be good in school and love to learn. That's my goal for you.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

8 Months & Mobile

Our little guy is 8 months old. Where did the time go?

He loves to talk at everything near him.  It's adorable.  Here, he's talking to his elephant. Or cat. You never know.

Nolan made sure he met all the deadlines so he can officially say "I crawled before I was 8 months old." The day before he turned 8 months, he woke up and wowed us with his new ability to crawl AND pull up on everything in his sight. I'm glad he developed some new skills in the 3 hours (3am-6am) he spent just staring at me the night before. Being mobile has been fun, but he certainly shows us where we need to baby proof.  We have some gates currently sitting in our amazon cart, and we're trying to come up with some creative solutions to other parts of our house.  So far, Nolan has gone straight to trying to climb up the stairs, playing with Dad's Wii U, rocking our not-so-stable floor lamps, and finding any cord possible.  His toys are not nearly as cool as mom and dad's toys.

In other news, we're all moved in to our house.  We love it.  For once, we have a house that feels like home.  Pictures are hung, spaces have been filled, and the rare weekends at home feel so relaxing. It truly makes a difference to have a cozy house. It has only taken us 4 moves in 4 years to figure that out. :)

I can't say I'm overly excited to start school tomorrow.  Mom life is wonderful, and I don't want to share him. This really has been such a fun summer. I feel like the move stole some of my vacation, but I know I'm fortunate to have these months with this little peanut.  I hope that Nolan enjoys all the new toys he can play with at school this year, along with now being able to get where he wants.  It's more comforting to send him there now that he can entertain himself.

To my future students (who shouldn't be reading this), I look forward to this year with you. Please be kind, hard-working, positive little middle schoolers.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015


We're moving up in the adult world.  Homeowners! :)

So far, the move was painful.  Someone once asked me if I thought it'd be better to move pregnant or with a baby.  Well, pregnant hands down. Sure, I wasn't that far along when we moved last time, but it's next to impossible with a baby. We didn't even get my happy-go-lucky baby.  We got a sick, ear-infected baby who wanted nothing more than to be held.  And, we had rental showings in the evenings the weeks leading up to the move to complicate the process.  It was miserable.  Luckily, though, we have wonderful family who saved us during the move day.

By now, we're basically all moved in.  And by basically, I mean that we still have a room to go, a garage to finish organizing, and a few things to hang, but we love it here. There's more places to sit, more room to move around, and pictures on the wall finally make our place feel like a home.   I have a terrible habit of refusing to hang pictures in a rental house (unless, of course, the nail is already there... then I find something to hang on it).  Here, it felt risky nailing things into the wall, adding shelves, etc.  But, I'm so happy that everything is coming together.  I'm looking forward to watching Nolan learn to walk, talk, and play here.

And, growing up seems to be happening way too quickly.  How do we already have a 7 month old? A scooting 7 month old?  He's not all that interested in crawling, but he loves to stand up against all of our furniture, which of course makes him think he's hot stuff.  Other loves? Anything outside, swinging, water, being thrown up in the air by daddy, frozen blueberries, and my favorite, kisses.

On a slight change of pace, if you know us, you know we're not lying when we say that we have the worst luck.  We've found it laughable at this point and come to expect that things don't work out the way we think they should. It's always just a nice reality check.  So, it was only fitting that our first week in our home, we found a groundhog hole in our back yard and had high hopes of catching the giant thing.  We borrowed some live traps, got some of Nolan's floor veggies (you know, the 9/10 that don't make it in his mouth), and set it up. The next morning, the AT&T guy came to our house (cable/internet issues on top of that),  and asked if we were intentionally holding a skunk in the back. "What!?"  So, 2 days and $100 later, the Critter Control arrived. We're back to enjoying our backyard again, but the skunk said goodbye in a dramatic, smelly fashion. The stinker groundhog is till making himself noticeable (like in our garage), but is always one step ahead of our trapping skills.

And finally, in other news, Scott's officially a PGY2.  Yep, he's out of intern year (yay!!!) and into strictly radiology. For now, that means we have weekends together (despite some necessary nightly reading), and a more predictable schedule. But, like every other year of this medical journey, I'm finding that a year without board exams isn't any cheaper.  Now, we're required to join costly organizations for board certification.  Lately, I feel like the medical journey (med school, residency, fellowship, etc.) needs a how-to guide filled with tips of unexpected costs every year, what to expect, when to expect what, and some overall words of encouragement. All in all, though, Nolan and I couldn't be more proud of all the work he does. :)

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

6 Months!

Goodness. Tomorrow marks half a year.  So, so fast..

First, it needs to be noted that we made it to summer.  Now, I get three precious months of my little sweetheart.  I know we're going to fly through it, so I'm trying to make the most of each day.  In the short week we've been off, he's already changing into quite the little person.

He's mastered sitting up.  He's definitely opinionated too.  If he wants something, he has a little squeal until he gets what he wants.  Most of the time, that is something just out of his reach or he wants to be facing the world. We have also started solid foods.  So far, he's really into oranges and loves play time with spaghetti. (For those interested in the highly debated baby food introduction/timing, this is what we're using. It fits nicely into my "go-with-the-flow" attitude, and he seems to be adapting well).

This week, we got to spend a week with Dad and the Glasgow family.  The family rented out a cottage and we had a fun-filled week in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.  We were a bit hesitant to go, as we were at the Pediatrician's an hour before we left to find that the little man had two ear infections and pink eye.  Luckily, he's a trooper and a happy baby.  He didn't let that slow him down and was quickly back to himself.

It really was a beautiful vacation.  My brother-in-law's favorite vacation was always in the UP.  It was nice to spend the week together as a family and remember him through all of the gorgeous scenery. We don't take many vacations, so it really was a nice treat.  The lodge easily fit all of us, without remotely feeling suffocated (which is hard to do with 17 people).  We even could all sit at the dinner table together!

Now, we have a brief week before we move into our house.  I'm so excited to spread out, gain a bathroom (!!!) and start making our home feel like ours.  While we're really front-loading the summer, I can't wait to be in the house so we can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

5 Months and Almost There...

We're down to one week left of the hospital floor rotations and 14 more days of school.  You have no idea how happy that makes us.

Our sweetie is 5 months old.

The past few weeks have been a little tougher.  We went from a very nice sleeper to what we think is the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.  When you combine that with teething, he's a little fussier/needy than usual at night. He also seems to like puking more than most babies I've seen. But, even with those struggles during the night, he's so happy during the day.

Nolan has quite the personality.  He's very silly, very calm, but also very persistent when he wants something. We're trying to give him a pep talk to slow down growing. I know I'm going to miss these days. He's just learning so much so fast.  I love picking him up and seeing the huge smile when he notices we're in the room.  He now can giggle, which is my favorite... though he saves them for the most special times.  He's interested in everything and insists on "standing" as often as he can.  He can now roll from back to belly and belly to back, but prefers to wow us by spinning 180 degrees when he's on the floor. He also enjoys grunting, grabbing things (especially paper towel), and the outdoors.

Other than that, I don't have much to say. May is almost done... and we're overjoyed for that.  We're eager to get into our new house (we're stepping into the new role as homeowners!), start summer, and spend more time with our sweet little canolie.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Surviving on the Countdown...

Like any teacher, I can tell you exactly what's left.  We have 6 weeks and 4 days left.  Or, more specifically, we have 34 days left.  Of those 34 days, 9 are testing days (good 'ole state testing), and 1 is a field trip.  At those numbers alone, I'd say it's clear I'm ready for the summer. But, even more so, I'm ready for 3 months with my sweet little Nolan.

I think I've fully acclimated to being a mom.  In church on Sunday, the pastor greeted me and graciously told me that I had spit up running down my entire chest (this is the style, right?), Then, at the potluck afterward, Nolan reminded us that he needed the next size up in diapers (I was trying to finish out the box) by blowing out everywhere.  Because he also wanted to sit up and interact with the world at lunch, I propped him up on a napkin to absorb the poo, but it still made it through to my jeans. I'd say I rocked the "Sunday best" attire. ;)  For those wondering, I do carry a diaper bag, but he had this same accident the past three days, so I was out of backup clothes and desperately needed to do laundry.  Needless to say, we covered his car seat in receiving blankets and went home early.

Nolan is growing so fast.  He also is making so many developmental gains.  One of his daycare workers was telling me how big he seems lately, which Scott and I were just saying the same thing.  He can throw his giraffe when he doesn't want the paci, he can roll from back to front, he's so interested in the world around him, and he thinks he's pretty hot stuff when he's standing. He certainly is taking a liking to certain things as well.   He loves his daddy, tie blankets, kisses from mommy, Larry the car-seat toy, and of course, mommy milk.

Abandoned Michigan Metro Station in Downtown Detroit
In frustrating news, we received word that Nolan's daycare might be closing. We were happy with this place, and it's sad.  In particular, it's so frustrating to see Detroit doing so poorly.  All of the abandoned, worn, and falling apart buildings is heart-breaking. There's so much history and such cool architecture that's just wasted. But, hopefully, the reports of Detroit making a comeback help fuel the revitalization drive. After attending our first PTA meeting and listening to a slew of doctors, community members, and political figures, the Daycare is proposing some changes to see if they can sustain a little bit longer in hopes to gain more kiddos. I hope they stay open.  This place works for us, our crazy schedules, and Nolan is comfortable.

May is going to be a tough month for us. But, afterwards, we're on the home stretch. We're on the last floor month of intern year.  That means only 4 days off the entire month and LONG hours.  Wish us luck. We're almost through our first year of residency!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

3 Months!?

On one hand, 3 months has gone by way too fast.  We've already gone through several sizes of clothing (we're sporting 6mo clothes) and he just seems so big.   On the other hand, it seems like we had him forever ago.  We've had so many changes in our life that we think back and say, "It's only been three months?" Either way, our little man has taken over our lives... and we love him to pieces.

Let me set the scene on our fun Sunday morning: The little peanut woke up earlier than our alarms. So, we decided to have some family snuggle time in bed.  Mom and dad stared adoringly as the little guy batted his arms, pumped his legs, and cooed in response to us.   Mom rolled in to give a little smooch... and.... "AH!!" I rolled into a wet spot.  That's not all... I look down, in our bed, and there's poop everywhere. So, yeah, that happened to us this morning. Glad to see he's enjoying his frequent night feedings.

I also went to dinner with puke all over my arm.  I'm rocking this mom look/smell.

In other news, crossing into having a 3 month old has been so much fun.  He's taking in the world around him, slowly watching his arms move past his face, and holding up his own head.  We also are now rolling from our tummy onto our back.  At the same time, that comes with a very demanding attention-seeker, but he has the sweetest smile when he gets what he wants.

In not-so-good news, we also had our first sickness.  RSV is the pits.  We had a very icky cough and congestion.  The worst part was feeling helpless as he's too little for any magic medicine. We're finally able to report he's happy now, but we're still trying to get back into a routine.  He suddenly thinks he needs constant food, constant cuddling, and how dare we step into another room...

We're eager for some sunshine, warmth, and stroller rides.  Spring break is in two weeks!

Until next time,

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Monday, February 23, 2015

2 Months!

These past two months have flown by!  It's amazing how much your life can change in just two months.  I feel like every step we take is so much more thoughtful.  More importantly, his life has changed so much in just two months. I feel like he's doing something new every day.

Weight:  7lbs 2oz
Height: 21inches.

2 Months:
Weight: .... 12 lbs!
Height: 24in.

My little chunk! I am apparently giving him more than a sufficient amount of food.

He's developing a little personality.  His little coos melt my heart and his little pouty face can get him whatever he wants. He's awfully demanding, but follows the screams with the sweetest little smile. He's obsessed with lights, and will not fall asleep if there are pretty lights around him. He likes his tummy time, but would prefer being on his back so that he can see lights and watch the little mobile on his floor mat. All in all, he's a sweet baby, with chunky cheeks and Michelin man legs.. the perfect cuddle bug.

I know the favorite question is, "Are you getting any sleep?" Not enough.  He does about four hours on his own in a Rock 'N Play. Then, it's every two hours on the dot.  Scott and I were adamant that our baby was never going to sleep with us. But, alas, he cuddles right up and gets his way. Unfortunately, he won't sleep on his own in a bassinet or anything flat, but we're going to keep trying. For now, this works and is what's getting us enough sleep.

I go back to work tomorrow, which is a whole different set of emotions. To be fair, I picked the right career for motherhood. With holiday vacations, mid-winter break, and "cold days," I was able to gain an extra 3 weeks with my little guy (America's maternity leave policy makes me livid). But, it's time to face reality. I'm going to have to share him... I hope they can find him as sweet as we do.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Exploring our new roles: Mommy & Daddy

Well, in case you didn't see it coming, I have a feeling this site will morph into a place to document the life of our little Nolie Pie. But, we have a few good years before the next step in Scott's career journey, so I'd say he's a pretty good filler.

First, the nitty gritty: Childbirth (I know some women love to talk birth, so here's the story.)
I didn't go in with a "Birth Plan." I just trusted my doctors and knew my husband would speak up for me if things went south. Plus, planning it made me more anxious, and I work better on the "go with the flow" attitude. I ended up being induced, so I don't really know when you start counting hours. Solely based on "amount of time in pain," it was probably somewhere around 12 hours, with an epidural thrown in. The after-effects were great, but the process of getting an epidural is terrifying. No one warned me about that. I actively pushed for about an hour and a half, and then our little guy came out.  He went to the NICU for a few hours, which was horrifyingly vague. However, he improved pretty quickly, and they called it "slow transition" out of the womb. All-in-all, he's here and healthy, making the details less important.

Our announcement/Christmas Card:

Now, the good stuff. Parenthood.

Oh my word. The love. I'm trying to find a good way to document things, so bare with me as I try to find some flow.  The choppiness of this writing seems to fit my world perfectly right now.  I am trying to adapt to a lack of set schedule (my fear coming to life!), documenting his life like crazy and hoping to find his "schedule" to preserve my sanity. In the mean time, I watch him fall asleep, frantically run and try to get lunch, take bathroom breaks, do dishes, etc., and return before he wakes up. It's quite the magical event when it works out. ;)

Here are the first things I learned about Mommy life and Nolan's personality.
  • My mom was right.
     I was terrified that I wouldn't wake up to my baby. Despite how much she told me "it will change when it is your baby," I was not convinced.  I had a fake baby for a high school class, and more often than not my mom had to wake me as it cried. Or, in college, I slept entirely through a fire alarm (Good thing it was just a freshman pulling a prank). But, it is different with your baby. I can survive on 4 hours of sleep. I can hear him because I never go in a deep sleep... and I can be exhausted/half awake and still have no problem spending ten minutes just watching him breathe.  Also, mommies, when does the need to make sure he's breathing every 1-2 hours stop?
  • Like father, like son?
    Eh, I should say parents.  Scott and I are...well, stubborn.  I think we both would say we are more "well-reasoned" than stubborn, but it's true. And... Nolan's the same way. Here are some examples.
    • Nolan is very adamant on how he should sit. I like the busy life and love multi-tasking. Sure, we can argue about productivity, but I feel better when I'm juggling multiple things.  Well, Nolan does not want any of that.  If he's being held the attention needs to be on him. He wants to be facing you with eye contact.  Anything less is just unacceptable.  But, really, who can resist that?
    • Shower time. Oh my word... this kid. Showers are a balancing act for babies, I know. First, we haul his little bouncer into our tiny bathroom.  Then, he has to face the contrasting color curtain. Vibrations are required on the bouncy seat. But, that's not all! He also prefers to have Pandora music on from my phone. But, now for the stubborn part. This little stinker has a fake cry for when Pandora goes to a commercial or when it pauses between songs. He's fine once the new song comes on, but goodness... (Though, today, he just wanted that eye contact again.  As soon as I shut the curtain, he would fake cry... and I would open it and he would be fine). 
    • Learning cries is the most helpful thing, and you do learn eventually. I thought I was terrible when I didn't have it within the first two weeks...but you do figure it out. And, there will be some that you can't decipher. It's fine. Sometimes it's just gas (Gas drops are wonderful!). 
  • Breastfeeding is hard.
    I'm happy to be doing it, but it's not a walk in the park. I'd say it's been a lesson in selflessness, because some days are just really long, where it feels like he can't possibly eat anymore and wants to. But, other days are great. It was also a proud moment when I was able to pump him a bottle and he took it from Dad. :)
  • Emotions.
    I am not an outwardly emotional person.  I can contain it very well, but I feel as though I opened a whole new set of emotions. For instance, it's so sad to be outgrowing clothes. He's growing too fast! Part of me is/was eager to have him communicating, more independent, etc.  I love 2 year olds.  But I'm learning that it's already going too fast.  Where did these 5 weeks go? Why do I have to go back to work in 3 weeks? Gah... 
  • Every day is new.
    I feel like, at least at this age, every day he seems older.  His movements get more smooth (Daddy doesn't want that lovely startle reflex to go away), he makes more facial expressions, and each day brings a new little coo. He was exploring tummy time and rolled over (he was propped up on a baby pillow and rolled himself off onto the play mat), but it still just seemed like such a big leap. Oh, and my favorite, he now understands that we go back to sleep after our midnight and 3am feedings. :)
I think that's enough for his first month. 

Stats: 10lbs, 21 inches

And, as a final note, our new signature. :)

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