Saturday, December 22, 2018

Exiting Toddlerhood

I know Nolan is quite ready, but this mommy is certainly not ready for 4. We have the infant stage, the terrible twos, the terrifying threes, and then you have a kid. He certainly is looking more kid-like these days. Nolan is quite independent, comfortable telling me to leave his playroom to give him more space to build, and learning new ways to try to outsmart/negotiate his way into anything. For instance, he told me, "I think I'll just stay home while you go shopping. I'm still building.. and I go potty by myself." He lost that negotiation but has won plenty of "see this toy says '5'. It is cheap. We can buy that."

We were battling a cold this month, but that did not cease his excitement. I mistakenly told him that his birthday is when it snows (back in the summertime... but there's no forgetting at this age). I'm not sure why I said that, aside from stopping the 'whys'. Of course, being Michiganders, Nolan has been asking if every day is December 22nd since mid-November at the first snowfall... followed by "it's snowing, so can I have cupcakes today?"

He is spending his birthday season (sure... we will call it that) traveling for celebrations, overstimulated by all of his wishes. I truly enjoy that ecstatic excitement, but am pretty sappy when I browse through our Nolan & Elephant monthly albums.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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