Friday, March 27, 2020

10 Months - Quarantined

What a weird time. We're making do in quarantine life, but we're constantly nervously awaiting all news pertaining to healthcare and education and admittedly struggling with the unknown.

However, one person who doesn't seem affected is Mr. 10-month-old. He is loving his time at home, with big brother constantly available to harass.

10 months brings us full mobility. He doesn't sit still and is constantly moving to a place where he can pull himself up. He is eating everything in sight, and foraging for scraps in between meals.  Second and third breakfast are pretty important to him.  On that note, he had teeth #7 and #8 pop through. He definitely hasn't had a break in the teething department, but those teeth make him seem so big!  I cannot say that sleeping has improved much, but he can weasel himself into mom and dad's room pretty quickly.

Nolan, my extroverted, go-getter is not as easy-going about staying in. According to him, I am most definitely not doing school the right way, and life can get "so boring."  He's been a trooper though. He struggles with parents being home and working, but I imagine all kids are at this point. He's read a few books on his own, is sounding out words nicely, and is close to mastering his counting to 100.  He's building pretty cool Lego designs, and making many craft projects for our work spaces. 

Scott and I are still working.  His work seems to be changing daily, and we may have a beard shave coming up (which is pretty notable). I am eagerly waiting on news for how this will affect the remaining school year, but looking forward to spring break this coming week so that I can devote more of my attention to the kids. We have had to cancel our trip to visit with family, which upset us all, but we know we're all in this together.  We're surviving with virtual game nights, lots of snapchat with the family, and apparently attempting to buy a home virtually.  

From our family to yours, stay home and stay healthy.