Friday, December 22, 2017


I think every birthday is difficult as you watch your baby grow up, but there's something "big" about 2 to 3. He's now a preschooler.

He hasn't changed much since our last post. He's still our goofy little guy. His obsession with Legos continues to evolve, and his curiosity and love for new facts continuously brings me joy. A typical diet for Nolan (if he got to choose) would be fruit snacks, cheerios, chicken nuggets, and mac & cheese.  He's starting to dabble with "red soup" as well.  It's absolutely disgusting if it's called tomato soup before dinner, but red soup is perfectly acceptable, delicious, and messy.

This year, for his birthday, he has asked for a pink and black police car.  Ya know, the only gift that is not sold. So, like any crazy parents, we shopped, requested others to shop, and stalked Toys R Us, but ultimately painted a pink police car. This will be affectionately referred to as the slime car, because it looks like it was just rolled through pink slime. But, I am looking forward to him having the birthday cake with the police cars on top, as he hasn't changed his mind in the last month.

We're still balancing the Christmas/Birthday/FamilyChristmas act. It's still messy, but he's content with a week of presents. On an unrelated note, I hereby propose that we do not have school this close to Christmas. I'm exhausted, but after baking cheesecakes, buying gifts, distributing gifts, cleaning the house several different times, and 24 Christmas-loving second graders, I'm ready to snuggle my two boys.

Oh, Nolan. Thank you for bringing mommy and daddy so much happiness this year!

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