Saturday, July 2, 2016

Slightly Overdue

We officially have a 1.5 year old.  He's quite the little bundle of energy, and certainly keeps us on our toes. He's also perfecting terrible two's early... just so we're prepared.

This picture was awful to take and resulted in very little to work with.  He was in a great mood, but Nolan does not like sitting when other people are not sitting with him. And, the only time he laughed was when he got to throw the elephant off.  Did I mention we've crossed into toddler?

So, first a bit about Nolan:
He knows about 10-15 words.  He regularly uses: ball, airplane, dad, cat, stinky, hi, apple, quack, hot, more, and all done (notice mom is still not on that list!?!). He loves playing, climbing, and getting into stuff he shouldn't be. I'm at home now (hallelujah to summer!), and we spend ever morning exploring metro Detroit's toddler-encouraged locations.  He's just getting into splash pads and climbing gyms.  But, we both tend to get a little crazy if we're cooped up for too long.  He's still eating well, but getting pickier.  He still loves bananas, grapes, chicken, mac & cheese, and fruit snacks (he would eat fruit snacks all day if I wasn't such a mean mommy).

And, for the rest of the family:
Selena? Nothing new... except, let me emphasize once again, I love summer.
Scott? Well, he's officially a 3rd year resident (out of 5).   It's a bit of the same as Year 2, except Year 3 is notoriously the worst for scheduling.  So far, we've learned that we have zero holidays (well, we have 4th of July off and Labor Day). But, every other holiday will be spent at the hospital during the day or night.  This year, he'll start figuring out what he wants to sub-specialize in (chest, abdomen, brain, mammography, body, etc.).  So, to recap, 10/14 (or 15) years of preparing to be a doctor are complete (post high-school).
And the older brothers? They just celebrated their 5th birthday.

Until 1.75, here's to another great few months.  We are thoroughly enjoying our little guy, so I'm sure you'll continue seeing thousands of pictures.  I'm definitely one of those moms. But, someday, despite his baby book still not being complete, he'll have documentation of everything else.

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