Friday, April 24, 2015

Surviving on the Countdown...

Like any teacher, I can tell you exactly what's left.  We have 6 weeks and 4 days left.  Or, more specifically, we have 34 days left.  Of those 34 days, 9 are testing days (good 'ole state testing), and 1 is a field trip.  At those numbers alone, I'd say it's clear I'm ready for the summer. But, even more so, I'm ready for 3 months with my sweet little Nolan.

I think I've fully acclimated to being a mom.  In church on Sunday, the pastor greeted me and graciously told me that I had spit up running down my entire chest (this is the style, right?), Then, at the potluck afterward, Nolan reminded us that he needed the next size up in diapers (I was trying to finish out the box) by blowing out everywhere.  Because he also wanted to sit up and interact with the world at lunch, I propped him up on a napkin to absorb the poo, but it still made it through to my jeans. I'd say I rocked the "Sunday best" attire. ;)  For those wondering, I do carry a diaper bag, but he had this same accident the past three days, so I was out of backup clothes and desperately needed to do laundry.  Needless to say, we covered his car seat in receiving blankets and went home early.

Nolan is growing so fast.  He also is making so many developmental gains.  One of his daycare workers was telling me how big he seems lately, which Scott and I were just saying the same thing.  He can throw his giraffe when he doesn't want the paci, he can roll from back to front, he's so interested in the world around him, and he thinks he's pretty hot stuff when he's standing. He certainly is taking a liking to certain things as well.   He loves his daddy, tie blankets, kisses from mommy, Larry the car-seat toy, and of course, mommy milk.

Abandoned Michigan Metro Station in Downtown Detroit
In frustrating news, we received word that Nolan's daycare might be closing. We were happy with this place, and it's sad.  In particular, it's so frustrating to see Detroit doing so poorly.  All of the abandoned, worn, and falling apart buildings is heart-breaking. There's so much history and such cool architecture that's just wasted. But, hopefully, the reports of Detroit making a comeback help fuel the revitalization drive. After attending our first PTA meeting and listening to a slew of doctors, community members, and political figures, the Daycare is proposing some changes to see if they can sustain a little bit longer in hopes to gain more kiddos. I hope they stay open.  This place works for us, our crazy schedules, and Nolan is comfortable.

May is going to be a tough month for us. But, afterwards, we're on the home stretch. We're on the last floor month of intern year.  That means only 4 days off the entire month and LONG hours.  Wish us luck. We're almost through our first year of residency!

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