Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sleep Deprivation is Real!

4 months was tough. Isaac has never been a great sleeper, so I went into 4 months trying to mentally prepare for the dreaded 4 month sleep regression that EVERY baby book references. I was ready. We got through the first half okay. He woke up much more often, but would go back to sleep fine. I thought we were through it and then he changed.  Isaac is truly the sweetest little snugglemonster throughout the day. He naps well. He doesn't have your traditional 'witching hour.'

Seriously, look how snuggly he is! 

... Until he goes to sleep. The minute he's on his back, he is up every 5 minutes. And, his cry is not his typical cry. It's blood-curdling and inconsolable. Last week, I had finally had enough. I went to the doctors and, through tears, explained that something was wrong.  We ruled out an ear infection, and started reflux medicine.  We've had a couple of decent nights since starting, so I'm very hopeful.

But, boy, what a week. 

I work from home now and Isaac and I have to sprint out the door to pick up Nolan on time. On Tuesday, we went to do just that. We got in the car, and my hands were too full of all of our essentials to open the garage right inside the door.  We got in the car, buckled in, and I opened up the garage door. I backed up and BOOM! I looked behind me, and my entire windshield was shattered.  I got out of car, frantically checked on Isaac (he was happily cooing away), and I saw that the garage door had fallen back on my car.  For some back story, our garage hand held openers have always been wonky, so they often need pressed 5 times before they work.. and I'm guessing (though cannot remember clearly) that I pushed it once, it wouldn't work, and then I pushed it again... but it had a delay start from the first one so started coming back down. To make matters worse, the garage door wouldn't open and I was stuck inside the garage with a non-drive-able car.  Scott was at work, Nolan had to go to after-school care (and have his evening activities cancelled), and I got to spend the evening checking out reviews of local car shops, working out my insurance, and finding a rental.  Thankfully, and more importantly, we are all okay. And the garage door came out okay.

I can laugh about it now, and looking back, it was just the icing on the cake for a really tired, exhausting week.  I certainly wasn't laughing on Tuesday, and am very confident an additional nap is is written on my to-do list for Sunday. So, pro tip, you really can't function on 3 hours of sleep for a solid week. Though, in retrospect, I don't think sleep would have changed the fact that I really need to ONLY use the garage door opener that is bolted to the wall. Also, in retrospect, I should have taken pictures of my car to showcase here in my digital baby book for Isaac.

In other news, this guy has finally adjusted to the move, starting a new school, and being a big brother.

It wasn't the easiest of transitions for him, but he's back to his fun self. We had parent-teacher conferences last week, and I was happy to hear he was doing great and strong in his people skills and academics. For my former students, I hope I did a decent job highlighting your strengths at parent-teacher conferences. As a parent, one of my favorite things is to hear other people notice the things I love most about my kid. <3 

Happy fall! We've been enjoying the leaves, and this picture makes me giggle.