Our Family

Meet Scott: Scott is a radiologist, and this blog has been documenting our journey through his training. While that occupies most of his time, he does dabble in photography and videography. Okay, maybe a litttle more than dabble... but you'll see his artwork periodically.

Meet Selena:  Selena is a teacher.  She also enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, becoming overly committed, and her new found passion: apparently blogging. She also is determined to start scrapbooking soon [edit: I think she's decided to scratch scrapbook off her list... she just can't see it happening]. Aside from all of that, mommylife is generally what she does.

Meet our boys: Nolan & Isaac. Nolan is a self-proclaimed superhero and master builder. He enjoys exploring and negotiating his way through life. Isaac, on the other hand, likes walking, taking in the atmosphere, and snuggles (especially with mommy).

And, of course, our other boys.  These are our twins, Orie and Floyd.  Aren't they adorable!?  I'm sure you can't imagine these boys being anything less than cute, but they're little monsters.  This picture is rather flattering, as they've grown into quite happy and plump cats.  Floyd is our dog. He greets people at the door and keeps guard over the family. Orie doesn't really understand his role as cat. He just struggles with life. but is an integral part of the family.