Sunday, November 17, 2019

"Halfway to a number." - Nolan

This little guy is 6 months old. How is that even possible? It's also crazy to think that just 6 months ago, we were packing up all of our belongings, stressed out of our mind, preparing to be parents of two, and moving out of state.  Time is flying.

Isaac is taking on quite the personality. He's reserved and so, so sweet. He loves attention, and he has smiles ready for anyone ready to play with him. He has a low-pitched little voice and, as every passerby mentions to me, the reddest hair and eyebrows. :)

As an update to last blog, we are still not sleeping well, but in the process of sleep training again. I don't think it can get worse, so hopefully we see the light darkness soon!

In other news, we are officially van-drivers. Having room in your car for things and kids is like a whole new experience. Though, I'll miss enjoying my success at puzzle-tetris packing. But, I look forward to having the capabilities to bring along family/friends on little trips in the future.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing some family, and we are eagerly awaiting the Christmas season. Plus, next month we'll be prepping to have a 5 year old! How is he already almost 5?!