Sunday, March 22, 2015

3 Months!?

On one hand, 3 months has gone by way too fast.  We've already gone through several sizes of clothing (we're sporting 6mo clothes) and he just seems so big.   On the other hand, it seems like we had him forever ago.  We've had so many changes in our life that we think back and say, "It's only been three months?" Either way, our little man has taken over our lives... and we love him to pieces.

Let me set the scene on our fun Sunday morning: The little peanut woke up earlier than our alarms. So, we decided to have some family snuggle time in bed.  Mom and dad stared adoringly as the little guy batted his arms, pumped his legs, and cooed in response to us.   Mom rolled in to give a little smooch... and.... "AH!!" I rolled into a wet spot.  That's not all... I look down, in our bed, and there's poop everywhere. So, yeah, that happened to us this morning. Glad to see he's enjoying his frequent night feedings.

I also went to dinner with puke all over my arm.  I'm rocking this mom look/smell.

In other news, crossing into having a 3 month old has been so much fun.  He's taking in the world around him, slowly watching his arms move past his face, and holding up his own head.  We also are now rolling from our tummy onto our back.  At the same time, that comes with a very demanding attention-seeker, but he has the sweetest smile when he gets what he wants.

In not-so-good news, we also had our first sickness.  RSV is the pits.  We had a very icky cough and congestion.  The worst part was feeling helpless as he's too little for any magic medicine. We're finally able to report he's happy now, but we're still trying to get back into a routine.  He suddenly thinks he needs constant food, constant cuddling, and how dare we step into another room...

We're eager for some sunshine, warmth, and stroller rides.  Spring break is in two weeks!

Until next time,

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