Friday, December 20, 2019

Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas!

What an exciting month!

Nolan turns the big 5 tomorrow. Scott and I were talking, and we said that five just seems so big. He's now school-aged. Where did the time go!? We both got quite emotional as we looked back on videos, went through his monthly pictures, and talked about ways he has changed and stayed the same over time. 

The eyes stayed the same piercing gray, while the hair has turned darker and chins have disappeared. He thoroughly enjoys building through legos or constructing projects out of tape and random things around our house. He is easily amused, has big emotions, and needs things to work out the way he plans them in his head. We enjoy his spirit, attention to detail, and constant drive to get answers.  He still plays hockey, though these late nights/busy holiday season had him lying in the net most of last practice. I feel ya, bud.   He also is making big leaps in swimming! He enjoys swimming underwater and jumping in unassisted.  It has taken a while to get here, as he is a kid that does not take our word for his limits. 

He adores his little brother, but I think his little brother adores him exponentially more. While Nolan is at school, Isaac talks to his pictures on the wall, pictures on the computer, and eagerly awaits for him to come in to the car at pickup (he lets out a big coo every time Nolan enters). 

As Nolan turns five and Isaac is clearly on the upswing to one, I just want to formally request for time to slow down so we can savor these cheeks a little more and enjoy them being little. Isaac just got two teeth, and is thoroughly loving this big-kid life in the high chair (he'll scream at you if you even think about taking away his food before he is finished).  He fights sleep, and has a serious fear of missing out on something. He has mastered sitting independently, and gets so angry when Nolan finds the sweet spot of being just out of reach.  

I dread the constant running around/tasks of this month, but am looking forward to unplugging, unwinding, and just spending time together as a family during break.

So, if you've made it this far, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!