Monday, January 4, 2021

Hello 2021!

It's hard to believe that Nolan is already six.  As timehop memories come up, it seems like just a few months ago that Nolan was running around in Isaac's size clothes. Kindergarten really makes kids grow up right under your nose. It's crazy! 

He's busy and social, two qualities that haven't quite had their needs met during a pandemic.  We were so torn about sending him to in-person school (which later turned out to be virtual school), but seeing him come out of those school doors today (being the first day back after virtual school and break) reassured me that all of our back and forth conversations resulted in the right choice for him.  You could tell his love languages were met. While I'm perfectly capable of creating a fun kindergarten experience (heck, I'm a virtual teacher), there's something about learning from people outside of our family, doing it alongside friends, and coming home for a different change of scenery. And, if I'm being selfish, I'm glad to have my dining room back. 

When not socializing, he still enjoys LEGO (both building giant sets with directions and creating his own moving/transforming sets). The days of doing the builds together as a family (or more precisely Nolan and dad) seem to be dwindling... which I think is the most sad for Dad. He also enjoys reading, asking questions, and playing outside on his bike and scooter. 

In other notable steps, Grant turned 3 months. While he's not as eventful as Nolan, he's certainly making progress. He is determined to sit up and quickly tightens his abs to a sitting position anytime he is relaxed against a pillow.  He loves watching his brothers run around and has to gurgle along to make himself heard alongside the noise.  He's silly, loves eye contact, and prefers never missing a moment (mom is wondering how little of sleep is required). 

While I'm sad to see the holiday season gone so quickly, I'm eager to see what is to come.  I have high hopes of dramatically increasing the number vaccinated (Scott has had his first dose, and I'm ready to do the same).  I can't wait to show my youngest two the thrill of large family gatherings, museums, rekindling friendships, and, dare I say, play gyms ( or, are those too yucky to even consider anymore)? Until then, we'll wait. And maybe explore West Michigan's finest sledding hills. 

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